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What do I need to get started?

Toy making doesn't require any special equipment really, they can all be made using basic sewing supplies. Of course, if you want to add details for safety or appearance like, safety eyes or joints then it can certainly help and make life easier if you splash out on a few pieces of equipment. 

Basic equipment

  • A good pair of sharp scissors.

  • Good quality needles.

  • Strong pins. I prefer large headed pins, but any will do.

  • Variety of threads. It's best to use a colour which matches the fabric.

  • Stuffing. To begin with it's absolutely fine to use pillow stuffing but if you want a more professional, firmer feel to your toys, then toy stuffing will give you those results.

  • Chop stick or knitting needle or anything long and thin to help you push the stuffing in through small gaps.

  • Sewing machine. Even this you can do without. All my patterns can be sewn by hand, it will just take a lot longer.

Specialist equipment

  • Doll needle. This is a very long needle which can be extremely helpful when making button joints, like on Bernard Bear and Gina Giraffe.

  • Rotary Cutter. I wish I'd discovered Rotary Blades earlier in my career. They save an incredible amount of time cutting out pattern pieces, but you'll need to be confident and use a good cutting mat.

  • Safety eyes, noses and joints. These can add a really professional touch to your toys and don't cost a lot.

  • Erase-able maker pen. This can be really useful for marking on your fabric or drawing around pattern pieces before cutting out. The beauty of it is, it magically fades away over time.

Here you'll find all the extras you may not already have. 

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